Rotary: Health Screening Solution


The ongoing success of the Bowelscan program has seen data volume increase significantly over the past few years.  The local Victorian Rotary district initially entered and stored collection results in excel spreadsheets but as a result of the increased data requirements moved to a custom web application and cloud based database to record, report and store test data and associated results.  

HordernIT Solution

HordernIT were initially approached to host and support the existing Bowelscan web application.  We were able to provide Rotary with a customised service level agreement and cost effective hosting solution.  Since the adoption of the Bowelscan software HordernIT have worked closely with Rotary to further develop the application.  Enhancements and modifications have included: 

  • Nighty processing of data changes. Potential issues are flagged and emailed to Rotary representatives for review and analysis
  • Increased flexibilty and control of users and their system privileges
  • Reporting enhancements including the addition of graphs, export to excel functionality
  • Data integrity enhancements (daily emails, data entry validation etc)

Products and Services Provided

  • Data validation and loading
  • Business Analysis
  • Website Hosting
  • Ongoing support managed by an annual Service Level Agreement
  • Database Administration
  • Problem Solving
  • Data Interrogation
  • .NET development