Valentine Star: Web Application Development


Valentine Star is the brainchild of a local entrepreneur who wanted the ability to navigate the night sky online and dedicate a message of love to his wife.  

HordernIT Solution

HordernIT have provided a full range of services to this client from design, development, deployment and ongoing support. 

Significant analysis and research were required to define the star catalogue used for dedications and the geo technology required to manage the mapping of constellations, navigation and plotting of the sky map. Google Sky and Google Geo location API's where used to acheive this.  Paypayl API's were utilised for payment and processing and Twilio API's for the distribution of text messages.

Waterfall project methodologies where employed to manage the delivery of this project.

Products and Services Provided

  • Business analysis
  • Architecture Review
  • Database design and administration
  • ASP.NET development
  • Project management
  • User acceptance testing coordination
  • Software installation
  • IIS configuration
  • Documentation (blueprint, test plans,  system maintenance manuals)