IT Solutions for Multinational Companies

HordernIT works with multinational companies to deliver on very diverse needs, providing the full scope of IT services – including technical expertise, project management, system support, software development on a wide range of platforms and devices, intranet development, database services and more.

We liaise with our multinational clients across time zones and countries without a hitch, always delivering our IT solutions on time and budget.

Related Case Studies

Below are some case studies that relate to IT Solutions for Multinational Companies.

Alcoa Australia Rolled Products: Legacy Upgrade Solution

HordernIT was responsible for upgrading a critical manufacturing management application from an unsupported, unmaintainable DECFORMS & VAX platform to current web technologies.


EHS Audits and Compliance

Audit and compliance are essential tools to maintain compliance. HordernIT was able to develop a web based system that allowed for the efficient creation and maintenance of audit questionnaires. 

IT Resourcing: Sky Software

HordernIT has proudly provided Sky Software with a number of highy skilled web developers for development of the PEPi Student Management Software Product.