Custom Software Development

What we do

Designing and developing software customised to our client's requirements is what we do at HordernIT do... and what we do best.

How we do it

  • Cloud based services
  • Specialists in .NET technologies
  • Full range of design and support services including; requirements analysis, software design, support, maintenance
  • Extensive development services including; mobile, tablet, databases, SharePoint, web and windows applications

Why consider a custom software solution?

  • You won't be left with a package that does 80% of what you need and costs time and effort to work around the 20% it doesn't. Our solutions will meet 100% of your requirements and you only pay for what you require.
  • We work within the environment you've got - essential for businesses with existing software and associated platform requirements
  • Our cloud based software models improve accessibility to users at various locations and reduces hardware and infrastructure costs
  • The software life cycle should be considered when weighing up a one-off off development cost with subscription offerings. Subscriptions quickly add up when you calculate license costs, per user, per month especially if a default contract period exists.

How much it costs

Our solutions are tailored specifically to each client and costs are in accordance with this. Many people think a customised solution costs much more than packaged or subscription based products but this is often not true. Ask us for a quote, you will be surprised.

Why HordernIT

  • Flexibility & Scalability: We can work within your time frame and financial parameters enabling the project to scale up or down as required.
  • Reputation: Our initial clients are still with us today due to our enviable reputation of delivering stable, high quality software solutions.
  • Experience: We have delivered projects across a range of industries including manufacturing, government, real estate, retail and non-for profits. Our clients include large multi-nationals to local family run businesses.
  • Robustness: Our vigorous testing cycle ensures our products are reliable, bug free and easy to use.


We offer hosting, maintenance and support packages for our solutions which are managed by our comprehensive service level agreements.