Online Solutions & Web Development

What we do

HordernIT are a boutique software development house specialising in providing cloud based software solutions to businesses.

How we do it

We build software applications using a wide range of technologies (.NET, CSS, HTML and more)

  • Integrate with existing apps and databases
  • Responsive design for optimal display on table and mobile devices
  • Intranet or internet based solutions

Why consider a cloud solution?

A cloud based software model offers significant savings in time and infrastructure costs by - removing issues surrounding software/machine compatibility - improving software version control - reducing data processing time (eg. data can be entered in the field rather than on site) - improving accessibility for users in various locations - reducing hardware and infrastructure costs and - improving scalability of the application and the hardware that supports it

How much it costs

We offer a range of analysis, hosting and development services. Our business analysts can assess your requirements and offer a cost effective solution that achieves your financial and business goals.

Why HordernIT?

  • Experience: We have been developing online data processing web applications for large multinationals for the past 10 years.
  • Maintainability: We build clean and structured applications that are easily maintainable and extendable for future requirements
  • Technical Standards: We specialise in Microsoft technologies and conform to the highest software development standards
  • Robustness: Our vigorous testing cycle ensures our products are reliable, bug free and consistent across search engine platforms


We offer hosting, maintenance and support packages for our solutions which are managed by our comprehensive service level agreements.