Custom Tablet & Mobile Apps

Custom Apps for Tablet & Mobile Devices

Your business needs a custom app that reflects your business model and the way you work; one that delivers tangible results. Hordern IT has deep experience in developing and delivering custom apps across multiple platforms (web, Andoid, iOS).

Important Factors in App Development

  • Project Management
    Managing the application development process, from gathering information to building the blueprint of the application is integral to building a solid application.
  • User eXperience
    How Users interact with your application is important, especially taking into account the different devices they could use. How does it respond to touch devices? Does it handle retina devices correctly?
  • Illustration
    From the wireframes to the final release of your application, illustration is used to create storylines and make pictures.
  • Graphic Design
    Designing a beautiful and functional application takes in account usability, creating a flawless interactive experience for your users.
  • Animation
    Moving major characters or small visual simulation is excellent feedback for users as they interact with your application.
  • Project Design
    Architecture is an important consideration when building an application. Do you build a native application for each device, or develop a solid web application built for mobile browsers? We can help you make the right decision.
  • Development
    Effective development for mobile applications requires in depth knowledge that our developers know.
  • Testing
    By testing along the way and then before we deploy the application we can release a product we are all proud of.
  • App Store/Google Play Submission
    Depending on where the application is distributed, we make this process easier.
  • Audio
    User feedback is important when touching a flat screen device. Audio helps to enhance the experience, giving your users an imersive and interactive final product.

Our Experience

We can help you with:

  • Web Applications (device independent browser based apps - desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • iOS and Android Development
  • Mobile Strategies
  • App Store and Play Store launches
  • Implementations
  • Business Applications

We will deliver a highly successful mobile strategy, and make sure that the app is tailored to suit different devices – while absolutely nailing the user experience.