Digital is like wearing flippers in a swimming race. The next generation have flippers.

The world doesn’t give you an even game. Sports need rules to give everyone an even playing field, but businesses are allowed to use the latest technology.

We want to see the team or individual’s talents being tested in a sport. You can’t use flippers in a freestyle race; and, Formula One cars must not have variable-length intake and exhaust systems, and cylinder head and pistons cannot use carbon composites. The technology is limited, for the benefit of entertainment. In business, people aren’t spectating, they’re competing for customers with value.

Businesses need to use the latest mature technology to keep up. Many aren’t aware if they are lagging, mature, early-adopters, or leading. Some are leading in areas they shouldn’t be, while their core business lags. Our Digital Maturity audit is the first step to transforming your business to get back in the race.

Is your businesses using flippers? It’s time to find out, get an assessment of your digital maturity.

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