Long term IT partnership supports Alcoa’s success with Environmental Health and Safety.


Alcoa is a leader in the production of Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminum products, and one of the largest bauxite producers in the world. One of Alcoa’s core values is the health safety of its employees and this is evidenced with them boasting some of the lowest lost workday injury rates in the country.


Australian management was looking for an integrated and accessible online Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) system to replace outdated work practices and disconnected systems.

Alcoa needed a trusted partner who understood their business and had the technical and knowledge and experience to bring to the project. With a great track record of quality work on previous projects and a long partnership that started in 1998, Hordern IT was given the challenge.
The new and updated EHS systems would:

  • support staff training,
  • track safety activities and outcomes,
  • report and audit safety behaviour,
  • manage equipment isolation,
  • manage compliance,
  • identify areas of risk and
  • provide real time system wide reporting.


Over the course of several years HordernIT business analysts and project leaders worked alongside Alcoa EHS and business representatives to develop a number of systems to help manage everything from safety training and compliance through to equipment isolation and system wide reporting.

The systems were developed to be easily deployed, user customisable, provide sophisticated reporting and be accessible 24/7 by relevant business units across the country.

The solution provided a range of benefits at all levels of the organisation including:

  • reduced reliance on Alcoa IT for ongoing data maintenance of the system by enabling appropriately authorized users to manage portions of the system themselves.
  • providing different regional, site and department data recording and reporting requirements.
  • allowing management of compliance from individuals through to organisation level
  • delivering consolidated and real-time web based reporting gathered from numerous data sources.
  • dashboard style management reports with strong visual indicators to identify non-conformance issues.
  • relevant systems were installed on the organisation’s intranet and internet eliminating the need to install software on hundreds of users’ machines.
  • fully configured development and test environments ensure all changes are fully tested and approved before release; reducing system downtime.
  • sophisticated administration of user systems enabled the management and customisation of data to be presented in the most appropriate format for the intended EHS outcomes.

HordernIT continues to support Alcoa on a range of safety and other projects across the business.


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