Aus Pits is an Australia leader in concrete pits for large-scale civil and residential projects. In the past they managed their Supply Chain processes with a variety of digital and paper systems. But years of growth exposed increasing inefficiencies, with record duplication across several systems and time incurred in managing large volumes of paper-based forms. HordernIT was engaged to review the processes and provide solutions to more tightly integrate systems.
HordernIT Solution
HordernIT discovered that much of the process paperwork could be eliminated with the development of a SharePoint intranet. Custom lists were created for each role that provided concise up-to-date  views of current work, deep-linked to different systems. A web API was created to provide enhanced functionality, such as on-boarding new projects, sending timely alerts and updating external systems data in response to interactions within SharePoint.
Changes were made to other existing systems to support the new SharePoint site, including upgrades to an MS-Access production system and an ASP.Net quoting website.
Products and Services Provided
  • Business analysis
  • SharePoint development
  • ASP.Net development
  • Project management
  • User acceptance testing coordination
  • Documentation (installation & migration guides)