HordernIT Client List - Alcoa


One of Alcoa’s core values is the health safety of its employees and this is evidenced with them boasting some of the lowest lost workday injury rates in the country. Part of Alcoa’s proactive EH&S strategy focuses on safety behaviour. Australian management was looking for a system to track and report on safety behaviour and identify areas of risk.

HordernIT Solution

HordernIT business analysts and project leaders worked alongside Alcoa EH& S and business representatives to develop a user-friendly questionnaire-based system that is readily accessible across Alcoa’s Australia wide intranet network.

Key considerations when designing the safety behaviour system were:

  • An easily deployable and accessible solution that was accessible 24/7 by business units across the country
  • Reducing the reliance of ongoing data maintenance of the system from IT by enabling appropriately authorized users to manage portions of the system themselves
  • Different regional, site and department data recording and reporting requirements
  • Dashboard style management reports with strong visual indicators to identify non-conformance issues

The solution provided addressed these considerations accordingly:

  • The solution was installed on the organisation’s intranet eliminating the need to install software on hundreds of users’ machines. Fully configured development and test environments ensure all changes are fully tested and approved before release to the production environment meaning downtime during upgrades only takes minutes.
  • The application contains a sophisticated administration section enabling users to manage employee and organization data as well as the categories, templates, questions and targets of each questionnaire.
  • Questionnaires can be created at different levels of the organisation’s hierarchy and a simple yet effective security model ensures that users only have access to the questionnaires and data they have been approved to access.
  • The system contains a range of reports that track activities based on behaviour and conformance to data entry targets. A number of reports employ a traffic light system of formatting that instantly provides users with the current status without them needing to trawl through rows of data to identify areas of concern.

Products and Services Provided

  • Business analysis
  • Architecture Review
  • Database design and administration
  • ASP.NET development
  • Project management
  • User acceptance testing coordination
  • Software installation
  • IIS configuration
  • User Training
  • Documentation (test plans, training material, user guides, system maintenance manuals)