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GMHBA is an Australian not for profit health fund that pride themselves on a personalised approach and exceptional customer service.

In 2015 GMHBA acquired several optometrist practises. Each of these practises had their own databases. The need to upgrade some GMHBA servers that hosted these databases triggered the need for the databases to be merged into one single database. This also provides a more integrated service to customers.

What we did

HordernIT worked with GMHBA and the Optomate Management System vendors to successfully deliver a single merged database, and resolved all data issues such as duplicate records.

To do this required HordernIT to work after business hours to review each data source, recommend how the data should be merged, and merge the data.

HordernIT also put in place a number of quality and safety protocols to ensure that the final data set was of the best quality, that businesses were not impacted during the merge, and that the data could be rolled back.


With all data safely merged into one database, GMHBA could upgrade their servers. This also mean that their customers could receive excellent service across all GMHBA eyecare practises. HordernIT also provided GMHBA with assistance with the upgrade.


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