HordernIT Case Study - PATorganiser

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PATorganiser is the world’s first Test and Tag Software in the Cloud that integrates scheduling, reporting, emailing and invoicing in one simple tool. The PATorganiser creators had an idea to disrupt the industry and have partnered with HordernIT to make it a reality.

What we did

HordernIT partnered with the PATorganiser creators to develop the application and all functionality. HordernIT worked with the creative designers to develop and implement branding and designs.

The team have set up the software as a service using Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, and also provide 24/7 support to users in Australia and the United Kingdom.


HordernIT have worked in very close collaboration to ensure that the service is available from any digital devices, and interfaces with over 80% of hand held appliance testers in the market. Testers can work in the field, synchronise and organise tests, and then provide reports to clients PATOrganiser is quickly becoming the number one tag and test cloud software service in Australia and the UK.


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