Delivery of an asset management software package with associated scanning functionality to track carpet sample books


Steve’s Discount Carpets is a well-known family business supplying carpets and flooring to Geelong and Surf Coast customers. One of its most popular services is the loan of sample carpet books to customers – people take these books away to choose the right carpet for their home.

But, too often, people weren’t returning them. With each book costing a few hundred dollars to produce, and 30-40 books in circulation at any one time, the service was quickly becoming a large financial overhead.

The Challenge

Steve’s Discount Carpets needed a better tracking system so they could chase customers who hadn’t returned their book. Hordern IT was engaged to deliver an asset management software package with associated scanning functionality – one that would be intuitive, easy to learn and simple to navigate, so that all staff could use it.


We developed and installed a Windows-based asset tracking application. Based on the check in/check out process flow, the system enables a staff member to scan the sample book and assign it to a customer as they enter or exit the shop.

The application – which was designed in VB.NET – includes administration screens to for easy maintenance of product, supplier and customer details; and has an in-built reporting tool. Full training and a user manual was supplied so that Steve’s staff could hit the ground running.


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