SharePoint Development

Analysis of your SharePoint site to determine the cause of performance issues

Your SharePoint deployment should provide your business and staff with years of reliable and efficient service. But there are many influencing factors that can degrade both security and performance over time, which can lead to process inefficiencies, poor user adoption and a stagnated SharePoint deployment.

HordernIT’s custom SharePoint Health Check provides you with a clear image of the health of your SharePoint environment.

HordernIT SharePoint Checklist

What is a SharePoint Health Check?

HordernIT’s propritary SharePoint Health Check assesses the overall performance and health of your SharePoint environment. From the ground up we analyse every link in the chain that delivers SharePoint resources to your staff. At the end of the Health Check we provide detailed findings and recommendations for improvements.

Why should I have a SharePoint Health Check?

There are a number of reasons why a SP Health Check may be in order, including:

  • Poor Performance. Noticeable performance degradation, pages slow to load or crashing. HordernIT’s SP Health Check includes performance monitoring to identify problem areas and identify the root cause of problems.
  • Scalability and Migration. You may be considering adding more sites or users to your SharePoint environment. Or perhaps a migration from on-premises SharePoint to to Office 365. Is your SharePoint architecture up to the challenge? Is your site structure and content suitable to be migrated?
  • Poor User Adoption. Performance and security issues can often lead to poor user adoption, with staff cohorts turning to external systems to meet business requirements. HordernIT can identify issues with your existing environment and make informed recommendations for it to meet with business goals and policies.
  • Security Issues. Poorly configured user permissions can lead to asset vulnerability, both internally and externally. HordernIT can identify security flaws to avoid potential impact on your business.

What is Included?

SharePoint Deployment Analysis

Many performance issues can be revealed by analysing the SharePoint farm architecture and setup. We critically analyse the following components:

  • Infrastructure size and capacity
  • SharePoint farm configuration
  • SQL Server configuration
  • SharePoint operational logs
  • Backup and recovery
  • Search configuration and performance
  • Service accounts
Security Audit

Security is one of the top items addressed in HordernIT’s SP Health Check. We focus on:

  • Validating server security certificates
  • SharePoint security permissions audit
  • AntiVirus configuration and status
  • Server security updates
Custom Code Assessment

An extensive review is conducted of the SharePoint logs, with analysis of the type and frequency of exception errors. This analysis is targeted toward identifying security threats and unobserved application crashing/recycling instances.

Site Load-times

During performance testing our specialist checks for possible load issues. We look at several aspects that can affect the load time and general performance of your SharePoint sites, including design and custom styling. This is reviewed using all browsers in use within your business.

Content Assessment

Using HordernIT proprietary scripts we identify aspects of your site content that may be affecting overall performance. Excessively large lists can dramatically affect general responsiveness. In such cases we provide advice on effective document storage restructuring.

UX Analysis

The user experience is critical to the success of a SharePoint deployment. We consider the different roles of each user and analyse the flow through your SharePoint sites, to assess ease of use. We also assess users perception of the current design and provide advice to enhance the user experience.

What are the Outcomes?

The following deliverables are provided at the end of every SharePoint Health Check:

  • Detailed Reporting. Our detailed findings will clearly highlight any aspects of your SharePoint environment that affect the overall performance, including configuration, content and other factors.
  • Recommendations. We will provide a concise list of recommendations, targeted at maximising performance, security and efficiency.

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